Train Stories – Blondes?

I’m at Bathgate on the way to Edinburgh.

The train door opens and 6 women get on and fill the seats around me. 

All of the women are attractive, ranging from fairly to very.  

I summed that up in half a nano-second, my brain putting them in some sort of order.

Wid ye?


It’s a guy thing. 

It happens without even thinking about it. 

If you have any questions,  just ask the man in your life!

The women are not together,  travelling separately but what’s interesting is that although they don’t look alike,  they do look like clones made from a pattern. 

Each of them is in their early 40s to early 50s,  has dyed dark brown hair of varying shades, some are professionally done and some look like home kits

Having two daughters,  one of whom recently had an estimate from a quality salon of 150 pounds for a cut and colour I have some idea of how much women are charged these days,  

Pretty outrageous if you’re having to pay that amount of cash every few months.

No wonder some of the gals are using home-kits .. Even for just the occasional root touch up.

I’d imagine that this variety in hairstyles  is related to their individual income and circumstances. 

Their dress styles reflect that presumption,  even although they are all wearing similar business wear,  the quality and newness of their garb is in keeping with their hair style. 

Two are pretty mumsie, one in particular is pretty hot,  tall, slim, shapely,  but probably too thin .. If you’re asking!

It would be fair to say that they’d all fit into that dubious category of MILF.

If you pardon the expression!  

Not something I’d ever say,  but it’s an an honest compliment even if it is somewhat basic and animalistic.

But looking at the gals,  a thought crossed my mind .. Where are all the blondes?

There just doesn’t seem to be as many around as there used to be.

At work,  there are a few blondes,  girls who look like they have that natural colouring are staying blonde,  but the rest,  instead of faking the blonde are sticking with their natural brunette.

Even if that’s artificially enhanced.

With the number of girls dyeing their hair blonde decreasing,  I wonder do blondes still have more fun?

Personally, I’ve never thought hair colour was important to the amount of fun you have.

Sharon Stone  vs Kelly Brook

Err .. Both!


Blonde or brunette?

Girls just wanna have fun!

3 thoughts on “Train Stories – Blondes?

  1. being blonde isn’t really a trend anymore! as a natural blonde, I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about this. Dark and cooler toned colors are in this year so not as many people willing to put up the maintenance keeping up with blonde hair requires. haha

    but blondes will always have more fun! 😉

    xox Lo

  2. Am a blonde man lol fair heeded lol my wife who’s from the eastern part of the Mediterranean jokes a only married you cause your blonde with blue eyes only 10% of the world is blonde if the girls are al paying 150 a dye send 1 to hairdressing collage and get them in a shop raking it in the most a have paid for a hair cut was 35 angiolo from Italy my wife’s hairdresser nice guy based in Putney when a told the lads at work they were rolling about the floor laughing and kept mentioning some buzz

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