Train Stories – Fa-Fa-Fashionably Uncool!

She’s sitting directly in front of me now ..

This young woman, mid 20s,  fat faced, her thighs popping out of her deliberately ripped leggings.

She’s wearing black from top to toe.

Of course she is … because don’t you know that it makes her look thinner?

Only it’s fooling nobody.

With her dyed metallic green hair and her thick foundation plastered across her face this girl is the something of fashion,

The what?

Substitute you’re choice of adjective as necessary – epitome, height, opposite ..

Personally I really don’t give a fuck how she looks.

She’s sitting there now,  her currently trendy high heeled sneakered foot on the seat beside me,  her makeup bag spread across her thighs,  applying blusher, mascara, lip liner etc ignoring the people standing in the aisle.

She’s been doing this for the past 20 minutes and making a real big show of it.

The train’s busy in the rush hour, so putting your bag on a seat to maintain some personal space is selfish,  but putting your feet up is arrogant and inconsiderate.

All that attitude,  all that effort to look fashionable and cool.

But it just isn’t working.

Always loved the guitar in this song by Bowie


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