Train Stories – Different Track?

I started my new job yesterday,  back in Edinburgh. But out in a business park rather than the city centre. 

Sometimes I wonder why I bother but the hard reality is it pays too well. 

Besides there just isn’t the same amount of work in Glasgow and the contracts on offer have reduced rates accordingly. 

A couple of mates are out of work just now,  one for 3 months and one for a month.  It’s not easy out there. 

First day yesterday,  spent reading documents,  the Functional Requirements written by someone purporting to be a Business Analyst was the most jargon filled piece of meaningless over-complicated bullshit I’ve ever seen. 

People trying to dazzle with pseudo technology,  doing what they need to hold on to their jobs,  producing documents of crap to justify their position. The senior management incapable of seeing through it. 

It’s a game,  It’s about letting them have their position then cutting through the bullshit and doing what really needs done. 

We all need to make a buck. 

So I’m back in the rat-race,  the daily commute of shortcuts, road rage and an ambling train journey with different faces and different stories. 

It’s the same race on a different track. 

But at least on this one I can leave at a reasonable time and work from home on Fridays. 

No bad. 

2 thoughts on “Train Stories – Different Track?

  1. Good luck mate a love working in Edinburgh haggis with the breakfast is just the best thing ever for me lol

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