Meet me at the Mad Parade .

Her communique arrived with its expression of her feeling
I swear I had no idea she’d been holding and concealing 
Such a storm of words unsaid
Though absurd as it appears
Had been blowing in her head
For twenty-seven years
I knew I had to face her so I grabbed my Davey Crocket
Threw a scarf around my neck
And twenty Dollars in my pocket
Found her in the same old place
Pamphlet in her fist
When she saw my windblown face
She said .. Well look at who it is

Meet me on the mad parade
When the midnight bells are chiming
We’ll dress up as the harlequin and the clown
Pile up all the wonders that we’ve made
In a tower too tall for climbing
And we’ll burn the damn thing down

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I just love that song,   November tale by The Waterboys.

They’re playing Magners Summer Nights in Edinburgh in August,   I’ve already got tickets for James and Roddy Frame on separate nighs in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I don’t know if I can justify it .. but what the hell!!  🙂



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