How many sons does it take?

“I love this place at night …  The stars … There’s no right or wrong in them.   They’re just there.”

5am, wide awake, watching Platoon, Vietnam 1967, such a good movie on the pointlessness of war and the impact on the individuals involved. 

Generally signed up from poor backgrounds,  wondering why they are there and just hoping to make it home again. 

By coincidence,  my friends son is back from Iraq or Afghanistan or some other God awful place that you or I wouldn’t want to go. 

He was and is a gorgeous handsome boy.   Smart, funny, caring from a loving family. 

He’s posting pics of his mates blacked out faces,  guns slung over shoulders. 

Last week,  he was posting pics of the deep sadness in the loss of a fallen comrade. 

Someone’s else’s beautiful son. 

And I wonder have we learned nothing?

How many sons does it take?


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