By Yon Bonnie Banks …

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes
Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond

I love that song, it reminds be of my childhood and singing it at family parties …

But please please please save me from that Runrig version that often gets played at weddings .. it’s absolutely awful.

Kind of ironic that its played at weddings ,  when the full premise of the song is that “me and my true love will never meet again”

So there’s the blushing bride and handsome groom in the middle of a circle formed of all their family and friends belting it out .. missing the point completely.

Bit of a bad start to the old wedding nuptials if you ask me!

The song was written in 1746 by McGregor of Glen Endrick while in Carlisle prison awaiting the death penalty for his support of Bonnie Prince Charlie during the Jacobite Uprising.

The message of the song is that his spirit will get home by the spiritual road,  the low road as he tells his friend to take the physical high road and he’ll be back in Scotland afore ye.

Last night,  with the sun shining over Glasgow it was too good an opportunity not to head up to Loch Lomond and the place that sets my spirit free.

Conic Hill,  a mere slip of a hill 1000 feet above the car park at Balmaha.   I was hardly prepared, but its not a hard walk and with the sun shining the ground was firm underfoot.

Left work at 5pm and by 6pm we were at the car park for the walk up the hill only meeting a few people coming down as we ascended and we had the hill to ourselves.

By 7pm we were coming down on the other ridge,  slightly to the north that has fantastic views over the loch to the various islands including Inchcailloch and Inchfad which were formed when the tectonic plates of the Southern Lowlands and Northern Highlands bumped into each other some 350 million years ago.

Personally,  sitting on the hill,  in the sun watching the sun set over the loch is a humbling, spiritually enriching experience which is grounding,  makes you realise how small we are and when you’re there nothing else matters.

Some day .. not too soon .. I want buried there.

Looks like I’m going to be back in the Edinburgh grind soon,  as I’m through the level 4 security clearances at RBS.  I’ll be dealing directly with customer data so been a bit of a pain doing all the background checks

Now just waiting on my passes before I’m back in the saddle.


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