Count your blessings …

5am and awake when I should be sleeping. 

Today is the funeral of my good friend Ian’s 14 year old daughter Megan. 

Megan suffered from severe physical and mental disabilities since birth and needed constant care and attention  from Ian and her mum Gillian. 

Technically Ian is not Megan’s dad,  well not in a biological sense but he’s been the only father figure in her life since he and Gillian got together when Megan was aged two. 

Even since the family divorced a few years ago,  Ian has continued to look after,  care and pay maintenance for young Megan.     Everything that a proper dad should do. 

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a huge difference between being a father and a dad. 

Sometimes the amount of constant attention that Megan needs has been to the detriment of their other kids when he can’t take them on holiday or the movies as Megan isn’t able to go. 

But that’s what families do,  sometimes your situation isn’t ideal but you get on with it,  do what you need to do and make the best of everything you can.   Knowing that Megan’s time was limited you just try and appreciate them while they are here and do your best for them. 

Today will be unbelievably sad,  it’s against the natural order for any family to bury their child. 

The messages being put out by both Ian and Gillian are that Megan is now in a better place,  im sure that there is some relief that she is no longer suffering.   Then some guilt for even thinking of that relief. 

God bless Megan,  the purest of hearts,  if there is a heaven she’ll be there. 

As a father of three healthy kids,  all 3 at mine last night,   loving, funny, occasional pains in the ass. Sometimes you just don’t know or appreciate how blessed you are. 

3 thoughts on “Count your blessings …

  1. They say that time heals all the wounds. But, as a father of two, I think that riding over the loss of a child is impossible, no matter how strong you are or how weak or sick he was. I just hope they will find a certain serenity at one point in time. Good luck for the heavy day ahead. Much love, HC

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