Integrity Or Commerce?

I am saddened to hear about the death of Turnbull Hutton today. 

Turnbull, ex chairman of Raith Rovers Football Club was a fine gentleman who stood up for sporting integrity when the suits at the SFA tried to coerce and threaten Newco-Rangers into the Scottish Premier League. 

Turnbull stood for sporting integrity over their threats of Armageddon,  providing a voice and focus for the fans of the other clubs to rally and prevent the Newco being unfairly catapulted into the top divisions and ensuring that they started in the fourth tier like any other club would. 

Even then, Newco were given preferential treatment and were allowied to join at  that level ahead of other teams who had been waiting longer. 

Interestingly some fan sites are saying that “Today we are all Turnbull Hutton”

But are we really? 

As fans we are relatively powerless against a corrupt SFA full of ex Rangers officials who bRely hide their attemps go bend the rules and show favour where the new club is concerned. 

So I ask?

Who will take the place of Turnbull Hutton and stand of to the corrupt SFA?

I had hoped that over the past few years Peter Lawell, CEO of Celtic Football Club may have took his moment to state the facts that Ranhers Football Club founded in 1872 were liquidated in 2012. 

That this is is a new club,  if they ever get round to winning a cup then it will be their first. 

But no,  the silence from the Celtic Park boardroom us deafening. 

A case of commerce over integrity. 

But the fans know the truth. 

RIP Turnbull Hutton 


4 thoughts on “Integrity Or Commerce?

  1. Great food for thought on Sush a sad day for faith scottish football and the big mans family it’s time we question our owns board for there silence on the great lie and the illegal enter of sevco in to lower leagues .

      1. a feel the time is now for the fans to ask questions and demand statements on it and the rise in anti rc retoric across the river needs addressed politically green poundering to pond life has set the city back

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