Dog eat Dog by the pool. 

Are holidays not meant to be relaxing?

Lying by the pool, soaking up the sun admiring the talent on show with a cocktail or a cold beer at your side.

Sounds perfect to me!

And this holiday has been like that most of the time until today

Yesterday the place got busier, more arrivals for the Easter break filling the restraints and bars last night.

Today’s melee was predictable as the pool area doesn’t seem to have enough beds or mats to go round.

The usual early birds are up and left their towels then pissed off to wherever.

Don’t you just hate those fuckers.

The hotel has notices indicating this is prohibited but does it stop them?

There were a couple of petty squabbles by people old enough to know better.

Personally if you’re towels sitting there on an empty bed then the bed or the mat is up for grabs.

When the absent family returned to claim their spot three hours later, they weren’t too happy that their towels were in pile and we had taken their place.

But did they say anything?

Not a word.

Well not to us but there was a bit of gnashing of teeth at the world in general.

They clearly weren’t too happy and particularly as the poolside was busy.

I think they thought about saying something, the woman in particular was giving it some verbal and throwing some dirty looks but nothing was said.

I wonder what my response would have been?

The evading tactic … I know nothing it was like this when I got here.

A complete lie, very transparent but difficult to prove. So they’d have to be particularly bitter to go against innocence, whether that was feigned or not.

Or the more conflictual approach of pointing at the board with the no bed reservation rules. Correct as it may be most people might take umbrage that you’d taken what they had presumed was their possession.

Now I like a bit of a rammy .. That’s conflict to you non Glaswegians.

Sometimes it’s good fun to say yes I did it and give that look of what are you going to do about it?

Just for the complete hell of it. Just to see if the other guy will push it as much as you will.

But you need to be prepared to back it up.

I’d practised both responses. The easy lie or truthful conflict.

Which would you choose?

What do you think I’d choose?

If it was conflict your wrong …

I’m on holiday remember, I don’t do conflict on holiday. So I lay there with my shades on, staring into the distance but watching their every move from the corner of my eye.

After a a few minutes stomping about and thinking about saying something to us it turns out they were all bark and no bite.

Most people really don’t want conflict especially not on holiday.

That old cliche .. if your not fast you’re last .. doesn’t apply in this situation.

It’s dog eat dog by the pool!

Now go get the beers in!

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