Irish my erse!

745 on Friday nigh, the famous Glasgow Celtic are playing St Mirren. 

It’s on tv,  so I try to find a stream but with no joy on the hotel wifi. 

On they mention O’Neils in Playa De La Americas as a Celtic pub. 

I thought I’ll pop round there and watch the game before heading out for dinner. 

So I’m sitting here now, on my own,  the bar is completely empty apart from the English bar manager and two polish bar staff. 

I asked if they could put the game in tv?

Who’s playing?  Was the response. 

Oneils,  not Irish and not Celtic either.

Nothing worse than a plastic paddy I’d rather go drinking with an honest Hun.  

One thought on “Irish my erse!

  1. Lol a have spent the night trying to convince Carson our pet Orc to vote SNP at least you got a drink lol enjoy your dinner lol check out our celtic hibbie demolish a tea cake in the dug out the msm are all over it lol funny as fxxk eats it in one shifty eyes like a old action man figure then eats it pure classic

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