Confidence is Everything ..

Sitting in my hotel bedroom ..

Playas Des Las Anericas in Tenerife is both beautiful and tacky. 

On last nights wander down the strip we were plagued by the bar-touts and looky-looky men offering their cheap watches and other garbage. 

But the hotel itself and outlook over the beach is pleasant enough.  The sunsets over the palm trees are particularly stunning. 

Anyway .. Just done another job interview for a contract back in Glasgow starting next week. 

First interview was with the project management earlier in the week getting an overview of the project and its requirements. 

Todays was a technical interview on Infornatica, its capabilities and my experience in precious roles. 

Now I’m a techie,  I’m in there at the cutting edge making it happen.  

But if truth be told I’ve never really used Informatica and only touched on it in previous roles. 

So,  last night and this morning I was studying and building a made-up map of how I had used in previous positions. 

The technical guy doing the interview for the software house was very capable, experienced but only really know the bare bones of Informatica. 

He was bullshitting me as much as ..,

10 minutes later, after a few basic technical questions that even my daughters could have googled on the Internet within minutes and a bit of madeup baloney about how I used this in real world applications I was in and he was talking start dates. 

Preparation and confidence always does the biz.   

You don’t really need to know your subject. 

All you need to do is have prepared enough to be a couple of steps ahead of the guy asking the questions. 

Then be prepared to make the effort In getting up to speed if the offer comes to fruition. 

Next week if all goes ahead,  then I’ll put a little bit more prep in and we are ready to hit the ground running.  

Oh yeah,  I’ve also got an offer for that contract in Perth but can’t be arsed with the travel. 

Nice to know I’m going back to at least one offer. 

And relax …

I’m on my holidays!!!  

2 thoughts on “Confidence is Everything ..

    1. Yep having fun and very chilled out.

      Turned my alarm off but still waking up before it.

      Hate that!

      Just about to catch up with yesterday’s delisting.

      Be unsurprised if the usual sources try to put a positive spin on it.

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