Work Hard, Play Hard ..

Yesterday was my First day off work since leaving Edinburgh on Friday. 

The weekend doesn’t count!

5 interviews for 3 jobs between Glasgow and Perth. 

Do I really want the drive to Perth?

I don’t think so but what’s that old line about beggars and choosers?

Just hoping one of the Glasgow contracts materialises. 

Meanwhile had a fab weekend and did the charity zip line at Celtic Park and a party on Saturday night. 

The right balance of family, friends and fun. 

With the week off,  we booked a last minute all inclusive deal for some sunshine in Tenerife flying out today. 

Hopefully contract sorted before I’m back. 

Not too bothered about it.    


3 thoughts on “Work Hard, Play Hard ..

  1. hope you have a ball mate and get a good solid contract good luck and wealth to you !hail hail lads like yourself is what makes the Celtic family great !

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