Train Stories – Club Class?

We’re flying south at cruising height whatever that is ..

Apparently 38000 feet if you have read the reports on the recent air disaster in Germany.

Incredibly tragic for the people and families involved .. but why someone would deliberately crash a plane carrying 150 other souls is beyond my comprehension.

Suicide, is devastating enough for the families involved, the loss of their beloved son or daughter, complicated by the guilt and torture of asking yourself what you could have done better? That it was somehow the families fault for not giving them the love, affection or support they needed.

But when that suicide involves murdering innocent people it is unfathomable.

For unknown reasons, we’ve been upgraded to club class, sitting near the front of the plane in seats with more leg-room and I have to say it, better service and upgraded food and drink options, a menu of choices, beef stroganoff or chicken supreme, followed by a variety of cheeses .. and raspberry cheesecake.

That was an and, not an or, i wolfed the lot, not that i was actually hungry, but hey its a long flight heading to Tenerife and you never know when you’re eating again so take it while it’s going.

Then theres the wine .. as much champagne or red as this bhoy was willing to endure!

The lady serving the food is the same blonde, blue eyed, late 40s woman who did the standard safety message earlier, the one that most people now ignore and I only pay attention so as not to be rude.

She has an interesting face, pretty eyes, good bone-structure, high-cheekbones, she’s probably older than she looks but has good genes and looks after herself.

i’d bet she was a stunner back in the day.

She does the routine, pulling on the dummy seat-belt, then the lifejacket with its light and whistle. Now she’s pointing at the exits with that special arm movement and double finger pointing like a kid pretending they have a gun that you never see anyone use anywhere else ever.

I’m wondering, is there any point to this?

We’e at 38000 feet travelling at 600mph .. even if the plane misses a mountain and does hit water, it will break up on impact and we’re all doomed .. doomed I tell you .. doomed …

My inner voice doing it’s best impersonation of Private Fraser from Dads Army.

Doomed regardless, so lets just not think about it.

Pass me another wine please miss.

I wonder what her ambition was when she was a child, did she always aspire to being cabin crew? i wonder if she regrets that choice now?

i’m sure that when she was younger, it was a glamorous profession at the time with the additional bonus of having some nice perks, like free flights and upgrades to business class whenever available.

Flying was more glamorous them, relatively few people went on foreign holidays or business trips and when you did, you dressed for the occasion.

Now sitting in club class, everyone is dressed casually even although the cost is significantly more expensive than on the other side of the curtain behind me.

Why the curtain anyway?

Does it help reinforce the us-them superiority complex of the people who travel frequently in club class that somehow they are better than the people behind?

Anyone who thinks like that really deserves a slap.

I’m on the aisle 4 rows back and from where I sit, I have a clear view of the cockpit door, now and again when it opens i can see one of the pilots and a view of the bright blue skies ahead.

What I can’t see is that keypad that is meant to keep terrorists out.

Even on my journey up to the loo, right beside the cockpit door, i can see the spy hole but no keyboard.

Maybe that’s a good thing, hiding the keyboard so that anyone wanting in doesn’t have a starting point?

At one point the pilot, or one of them comes out and stands at the small kitchen speaking with the cabin crew, the door is closed behind him. I wonder if the other pilot is in there on his own?

But then i rebuke myself, what’s the chances of a highly educated, well paid man or woman deliberately crashing their plane full of passengers into a mountain?

No chance .. but it has happened .. so there must be some chance.

Negligible risk?

There’s more chance of getting knocked down crossing the road?

Negligible risk is when the probability of something happening is so low that its extremely unlikely and the cost of doing anything about it is high enough that nothing is done about it.

It just isn’t cost effective and theres always risk.

Even with all best intentions, trying to minimise the risk, doesn’t remove the risk.

How do you cater for the rogue gunman? The loose cannon?

Sometimes in life, you just need to not think about these things, or put them in perspective and get on with it.

So yes I will have that other glass of wine thank you!


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