Train Stories – Moving On?

Alistair his name was .. Is.


Well that’s what he calls himself.

He calls me “Man” with his smiley face and inquisitive eyes.

He tells me that he’s had burger and chips and joooce.

The happy meal helium balloon floating above his head was a bit of a giveaway to the source of his culinary delights.

Aaa-leee-staah and his mum joined me in the 4 seat booth at Haymarket heading home to Glasgow.

Mum, under 20,  pretty but skinny,  over dyed black hair,  isn’t as outgoing as her prodigy and spends most of the journey staring at her mobile phone.

Aaa-leee-staah looks about 2,   A cheeky faced wee chap,  cute as a button and looking at mum I imagine that he looks more like his dad.

I ha already started working on a different story,  iPad open on the small table.  But the wee fellow is hard to ignore particularly when he’s reaching over to grab my phone.

Fortunately I didn’t have to intervene as mum springs to life, instantly turning her face from Facebook and grabbing the wee guy as he leans half way over the table.

And you didn’t believe that women can multitask?

The wee man smiles his impish grin with a fair amount of devilment for one so young.

His eyes haven’t left mine,  he knows he’s winding her up,  his mischief causing her to pay him attention.

I wonder if his father has that same naughty streak?

You could argue that young Aaa-leee-staah is the living proof of that.

If you wanted to argue. That is.

Personally I’m just enjoying the entertainment the wee man is providing.

30 minutes of chat later,  I’m standing in the aisle putting on my jacket,   The wee man is faking a tantrum as he wants to come too.

Mum feeds him a bar of Aero and turns back to her mobile.

That impish grin is back again!

Aaa-leee-staah and I wave as I walk past the window heading for the ramp.

30 minutes of nonsense and I loved it.

Reminded me of when my own 3 kids were younger,

Is it wrong to wish that one of my elder two would hurry up and get a move on?

My last day working in Edinburgh – Yay!

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