It’s not you, it’s me …. #Edinburgh #Glasgow #Humour

I’m sorry baby,  but I really need to say goodbye.

It’s been fun while it lasted and we’ve had some special moments.

But it just wasn’t as much fun as I’d hoped it would be.

If I’m completely honest with you,  there was a distance between us, that I don’t think we will overcome.

You are classically beautiful,  but you can be cold and introvert,  whereas I’m used to people who are warm and welcoming.

But the main problem is that I still love my ex and I always will.

She might not be as attractive, educated or as wealthy as you,  but she has a depth of personality,  a warmth and sense of humour that is somehow missing in you.

We also have a lot more in common including our love of music and general attitude to life.

Let me say that you are much more attractive than she’ll ever be,  you have some really special features and a classiness that I will always admire.

But she has my heart,  we have a long history and have always had great fun together.

It also helps that she is much more local than you.

I’m sorry but this long distance relationship of ours was never going to work.

All my best Edinburgh,  feel free to stay in touch.

But my heart belongs to Glasgow.


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