You are not your job … #perspective

Yesterday I was writing about my friends dilemma about quitting his job.

He’s not in a good place, but after writing his resignation letter in the morning and deciding not to send it, he was in a slightly better place in the afternoon.

Not in a good place, but better, it’s about perspective.

It’s also about empowerment.

Your job is not your life.

For the vast majority of us,  our employment is only the way we currently choose to make a living.

There are other more lavish ways to make money,

But our current position provides the best effort / reward ratio we can achieve within our current skill set and personal moral code.

With that in mind treat it with the respect and  disdain it deserves.

If you’re not happy in your current position change it.

Coincidentally another friend of mine sent me the following article from LifeHacker.   I found it helpful for keeping work in perspective.

Personally I work for a living but I’d much rather be on a beach.

I’ve always loved this clip from Fight Club,  it suits my rebel attitude.

And here’s why


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