How To Play The Game ..

I had just arrived at my desk in Edinburgh and a colleague who has become a friend grabs me for a quick word.

What do you think of this he says,  opening up an email and expanding it so that I can read.

It was his short and sweet resignation letter.

He’s had enough,  I can’t blame him,  the management here sucks.

What do you think he asks?

Don’t send it,  says I.

He looks at me quizzically .. Why??  .. written all over his face.

Because it would play into their hands,   you’d become the fall guy and your reputation would be damaged for your next position.

He says,  that he’s sick of it and he’s had enough.

I know,  but don’t let other people control your destiny .. sometimes you have to “caw canny” ..  play wise.

This is a time for shutting up,  keeping your cards close to your chest and making alternative arrangements.

I’s a game,  it’s all bullshit .. you look after you.

When you’re playing a game,  you need to know how to play.

You need to know when to speak and when to shut-up.

But always … always .. look after you.

As for me, I’ve extended my contract here for another week to help them out .. but only because it suits me.

I want to be working back in Glasgow soon and I’m already making alternative arrangements.

Loving this tune .. nice tone in her voice .. feels like gold to me.


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