What Do You Want From Love?

Do you ever feel lonely?

Are you afraid that you’ll always be on your own?

Do you want to change that?

Are suffering from lack of opportunity to change it?

Do you want a relationship with someone that loves you as you are?

I’ve been there,  lonely, afraid,  long nights in the dark wondering where it went wrong?   Asking myself what I could have changed and wondering if I’d ever have the chance to do it again,  to live life well with the person of my dreams.

Or if not my dreams,  someone who gives me new dreams .. you know what I mean!

It’s not easy is it?

There is no magic wand,   you can’t just wish that person into your life.

My advice .. Ask yourself what you want from that relationship and what you are prepared to offer.

Be realistic in your expectations .. Don’t expect to meet Brad Pitt if you are Ann Widdecombe.

Don’t waste time with people who you have no long-term interest in, Or that your instincts tells you that have no long-term interest in you.

When you do meet someone that ticks 80% of the boxes,  give them a chance .. enjoy their pluses and be forgiving to their failings.

And hope that they will be as forgiving with yours.

My experience is that if you want to be loved,  you have to give love,  accept the positives and forget the negatives.

Be open-minded, open-hearted,  be yourself,

But be safe and don’t jump in too deep too soon.

Sing with me ..

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes
You just might find
You get what you need.


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