Yesterdays Clothes! … #poetry #humour

Waking up in yesterday’s clothes.
Isn’t that appalling?
But when I got home at 1am
My head and eyes were falling

A cup of tea and watch tv
Then sleeping on the sofa
A stiff neck and a cold sweat
Don’t ever call me Casanova

You see this habit of mine
I’ve done a thousand times
And it’s tragic,  I confess
But when I’m looking fine
Or when you’re at mine
Would you love me any less?

Let’s go dancing on Saturday night
And maybe you’ll take me home
And in your bed I’ll fall asleep
It’s easier if we’re not alone

Breakfast in bed, or a kick in the head
That’s how this story goes
Then a taxi home all on my own
Still wearing yesterday’s clothes.

A wee tune for today .. playing in my head this morning.

I’m sending you forget-me-nots …


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