The Difference Between Happiness And Joy?

A thought a occurred to me earlier today ..

Where do you get your happiness?

Okay,  it was 3am and I had just woke up on the sofa and was still wearing yesterday’s clothes.

At 3am,  the left side of the brain seems to be operating,  deep thoughts,  putting things in their pigeon-holes,  the creative process kicking in.

Did I go back to sleep?

Nope .. I played music,  via Spotify on my iPad and chilled out for a few hours.

But now sitting at work,  its came back into my head.

Personally,  I believe that our happiness should come from within and that we should not rely on other people.

I’ve seen people put that online .. “Looking for someone to make me happy”

How sad is that?

It stinks of desperation,  don’t you think?

It sounds to me that they would drop their standards to have a bit of joy in their lives and a smile on their faces.

That’s a recipe for disaster in my opinion,  leading to low self-esteem after they’ve been picked up and dropped by each chancer that happens to come across their profile and offers a smile and a bit of charm.

Personally,  I get my happiness from within.

Like most people,  life isn’t without its ups and downs ..  earning a living, looking after a family,  all put pressure on our time and resources.

But we get on with it .. right?

Now if you asked me … Where do I get my joy?

That’s a completely different thing.

I en-joy my own company,   sitting in playing piano,  listening to music,  doing what I want.

But I get most of my joy from other people,   shared experiences,  sometimes the simple things,  laughter, deep conversations,  reminiscing  about happy days etc.

Sometimes,  it’s being extravagant,  concerts,  dinners, holidays,  but that’s just a medium where the simple things occur ..  where memories are made .. and discussed and laughed about later,   the simple things are still best.

Last night on the train home,  I bumped into my mate Brian,  we’ve known each other since we started as apprentices in the shipyards aged 16 .

Both of us now working in Banking in Edinburgh but spent the 90 minute journey reminiscing about our shipyards days.

Last Saturday we went to a Bowie tribute concert in Glasgow,   making new memories.

At 3am,  waking up on the sofa,  I had a smile on my face,  some other memories in my head .. a cuddle would have been good!

Just heard this on Radio2 .. great old tune.

One thought on “The Difference Between Happiness And Joy?

  1. The Happies people
    Don’t have the best of everything …

    They just make the best if everything … 😀 Nice post 👍

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