You Never Give Me Your Money ..

Sometime last week .. I mentioned about the company I’m freelancing with at the moment were hinting about offering me an extension to my current contract.

I was a bit mixed on that,  I enjoy the work,  but the regime in here is pretty oppressive and the travel is tiring and takes too long out of your day preventing me from getting on with my real life.

But at the end of the day,  I’m self-employed,  I work for the money, no work means no pay.

It doesn’t actually but that’s another story  ..

On the surface it is as simple as that .. so sometimes .. you have to bite your tongue,  accept things as they are,  shut up and get on with it even if it goes against your principles.

At that point,  If I didn’t have any alternative offers then I would have stayed.

But between,  Tuesday and Friday,  the senior management were involved,   they hold the purse strings tightly and view contractors as an unnecessary expense.

Fair enough,  I get that .. graduates are cheap .. but you get what you pay for.

So a new Business Analyst and Technical Lead were applied to my project,  they idea being that these guys would again help the project with a deadline of July get back on track and ensure its delivery.

My part is already delivered for phase 1,  the only part that is already in and working I might add.

But as I was sitting there on Friday morning,  there was a confab going on round the project manager’s desk,  where I heard my name being taken off assigned tasks and this young grads name being assigned.

Hmmm .. I think .. something’s changed.

So I asked the PM if I could have a quiet word with him.

Let’s call him Andy .. he’s had his troubles to bear over the past 6 months as he doesn’t know the business or the technology.

Normally a PM comes from the business and works on a project from the business POV,  or comes from the technology and it’s a technology driven project .. but you need one or the other.

On top of that he’s had some personal issues,  that I’ve been happy to advise him on having gone through similar circumstances myself.

So we’re are more than just worker / manager.

When we got to the room,  I asked Andy if my contract extension was likely to go ahead or should I start making alternative arrangements?

He said that he had bad news of his own .. which he elaborated.

He had only started in the company a few weeks before I did and because of the late delivery of phase 1,  his probationary period has been extended by two months.

He views this and I agree with him on him successfully catching up and delivering phase 2 on time.

He was pretty upset about it as the late delivery isn’t his fault and is due to the lack of resources applied to the project in the first place .. as I said this place likes to go cheap.

With that in mind,  he says that,  although there are no promises,  with his position in jeopardy that he’d rather I was still here to steady the ship and ensure the project gets delivered.

Good thinks I .. it’s nice to have the choice .. and I don’t like letting people down so would be more likely to stay even if I had another offer just to help him out.

That was late Friday afternoon.

Since then Andy has sat two desks away from me,  walked past without saying hello even although I’ve said hello to him and he’s walked past in the corridor with his head down and a sad expression on his face.

He’s now off today without giving notice to anyone.

With that in mind,  I think between his work and personal circumstances,  the stress is starting to show.

As a friend, I’m concerned for him,  wouldn’t wish this on anyone,  but if you’ve read my blogs previously then you’ll know that it’s not the problems that life throws at you but how you deal with them that’s important.

My advice to him is get out and find something else,  something more suited to your skills were you will be appreciated.

On a personal note,  I’m now 95% decided that even if a contract extension is on offer then it will be rejected.

The money really isn’t everything,.

Anyways,  coincidentally .. when I got home from work last night,  I had this tune in my head.

I like the piano at the start and find it a little haunting so taught myself how to play it..,  When I looked up the lyrics,  they hit a chord too ..

You never give me your money ..


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