Smoke gets in your eyes … Lungs .. 

They asked me how I knew …

Wait .. That’s a different story ..

What a weekend that was .. Camping with friends in the beach at Ardlamont near Ticghnabruich. 

It was forecast to be wet windy and cold so I was a little concerned that the tent might not stand up to the weather. 

But do we care … Not a bit!

Soending quality time with my best childhood friends was more important than a little bit of weather. 

So we boldly went ..

And it rained .. And it blew all day and night long .. 

Then it did what Mother Nature often does .. with some gaps in the gale force winds and horizontal rain ..  She lulls you into a false sense of security where hope and bravado takes over from common-sense. 

At 10pm last night,  our heavily supported gazebo where we sat cooking, chatting and singing lost the battle against the gales. 

No amount of trying to tie it together and add more braces had the desired effect and it started to act like s sail lift in everyone inside to the forest behind. 

Far too dangerous for the kids with us. 

But while we cleared out what we could the tents started to tumble. 

By the time I decided to pack up and head home 4 out of 6 tents were down and the weather was worsening. 

So it was much disappointment that we started the long drive home with already  tired eyes.  

As it turned out my eyes and the rest of my face was black from the smoke in the gazebo as I struggled to hold it against the wind. 

I think that we could drive home gives an indication of the confidence that we’d last the night as no one seemed to be hitting the booze and rendering themselves incapable. 

My face and eyes were black .. But smoke inhalation isn’t too clever either .. And I left my mark somewhere near Strachur hokding the car door open against the wind and evacuating the food of the day .. Lovely! 

Not feeling too clever this morning!

Lazy day .. My son is taking his pal on our season books to watch the Celtic play Aberdeen, a top two battle in the SPFL title chase. 

Overall feeling .. Good to see my pals but glad to be home. 

The calm before the storm …

2 thoughts on “Smoke gets in your eyes … Lungs .. 

  1. Reminds me of my weekend in Ballater last year…the tent was beyond saving and was deposited in the dustbin as we left the campsite….We had one half hour break from the rain the whole weekend…who would believe….it was when the queen ventured along to the highland games!!

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