Always Take The Weather With You

Thank God it’s Friday!

Been a long long week. 

Long day too as been awake since 3am

Glasgow – Edinburgh – Glasgow – Ardlamont

Check that drive on Google maps.

Ardlamont is on the same latiitude as Glasgow and Edinburgh but to get there from Glasgow means a three hour drive heading north past Loch Lomond then along Loch Long to The Rest And Be Thankful,  then heading south passing the Kyles OF Bute and Tigbabruich.   

Finally reaching the single lanes tracks of Ardlamont and dropping down onto the beach. 

Hopefully the boys have already got the tents up and the fire roaring as it’s going be a cold one. 

But who cares!  

Wrapped up well,  drinks in hand, roaring fire, great company, guitars playing and a singsong. 

Hard to beat. 

Who cares about the weather ..

I take mine with me!! 🙂

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