Coping with Change, Certainty and Uncertainty!

Yesterdays blog about my current dilemma about my contract extension in Edinburgh enjoying the work but hating the travel got me thinking about change and uncertainty.

I like to think that I’m a positive person.

I believe that even when life throws you a curve ball,    it’s how you deal with it that’s important.

I’m sure like me you have faced challenges with family, work, relationships and life in general.

What I’ve realised is change happens whether you like it or not. 

With that in mind,  I try and look forward in life,  to anticipate the changes that may come.

If the change hasn’t happened yet,  plan around it, make alternatives, because there’s nothing worse than being unprepared.

For example,  retrain yourself if your skill set is becoming outdated. Move job if you feel you are in a dead-end.

Maybe you are in a relationship that is going nowhere .. or not going where you ned it to go.

If that’s the case,  speak to the person,  if it doesn’t change,  then take control and you change it.

There has been lots of advice written about accepting change,  facing uncertainty, feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

The advice and article below are very helpful if dealing with uncertainty.

But sometimes, change is sudden and dramatic, a death in the family, unexpected end of relationship etc.

Even when you know it’s coming,  that your loved one is getting old and their body is failing.

When it comes,  it’s still devastating.

From personal experience,  you can’t plan for that,  you know it’s coming,  you make the most of your time together when it’s here,   but when it finally happens it still rips your heart out.

My advice,  is to surround yourself with the people who care about you and take as long as you need.

Something’s take time.


Dealing With Uncertainty

1. Accept that at the root of uncertainty is a fear of failure.
2. Understand that failure is a natural part of life, and embracing uncertainty is key to defeating failure.
3. Embrace the idea that nothing is completely within your control.
4. Be willing to open up to the unknown
5. Make the best use of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens.
6. Take your worst-case scenario and dissect it, asking “what if?”
7. Keep moving forward.


I was listening to Radio 2 as I do at work.  Love this tune Nobody Knows by Shaun Escoffery


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