And mama used to say .,,

Take your time young man
Don’t you rush to get old
Take it in your stride
Live your life

How many of the following sayings did your mum say to you and now you’ve used to your own kids?

I think my mum used all of them except for possibly 14 and 19 which I can’t remember her ever saying.

With 5 sons who were up to all sorts of shenanigans, the obviously missing phrase is. …

“just wait until your father gets home”

And we’d wait, scared but she barely ever told my dad, the threat was enough.

Good cop, bad cop was the rule.

As a divorced father to 3 kids, all of whom have lived with me and my 2 daughters still here robbing me blind I’ve used a few of the expressions myself particularly 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 12 and 20.

A few of them like the carrots, square eyes, wind changing etc are out-dated. My kids would make faces as if I was crazy if I said any of those to them.

But I still cringe when I remember the first time I used “because I say so”.

A phrase that I’d swore that I’d never use and right at that moment dealing with a relentlessly argumentative 5 year old I know that I’d become my parents.

Not a bad thing really!


Had a fantastic weekend for my dads 80th.

If you have a big close family like mine then you are truly blessed.


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