The Greatest Love Of All? #success

How do you measure success?

Health and happiness are a given. But we are taking that as a basic. If you have these then you’re already half way there.

Is it money in the bank? A big house? A fancy car? Designer clothing? Foreign holidays twice per year?

Personally all that material stuff is pretty meaningless.

Don’t get me wrong, they are nice-to-have, but only as long as the things that really matter are taken care of.

For me, that’s my babies.

When they were born, the only thing I wanted was to give them a better start in life than I’d had growing up in well frankly a Glasgow slum.

But it’s not that simple, you provide housing, clothing, love, everything that they need. You’re there to encourage and advise, but despite best advice sometimes they choose their own path.

They have to, with hindsight that’s fairly obvious, the tough part is watching them fail.

If that happens, you have to bite your lip, help pick up the pieces and never ever say “I told you”.

That serves no purpose. It only causes resentment.

Kids are smart, make mistakes but they learn from it. They don’t need the additional chastisement. So keep it shut.

It’s been a journey, difficult at times, a complicated, bitter nasty divorce and all the crap that brings when kids are used as pawns.

But we’re getting there, my elder 2 have both had their moments but now doing well and reaping the benefits of the efforts they’ve made.

Steven recently graduated with a masters degree in business analysis. At the weekend he was given two job offers, one Glasgow, one Edinburgh.

I’m delighted for him. It’s tough for young people to get on that career ladder and he’s had his fair share of disappointments.

Did I say I was delighted.

Laura, qualified and started working as a nurse this time last year. She’s started applying for other roles now. She wants something more interesting and closer to home. This week she has 3 interviews and I’m sure she’ll get at least one offer.

Claire, 6th year, a wee grafter, a worrier, has been trying really hard and just been accepted into her chosen degree at Strathclyde University.

That’s 2 working, one well on the way.

I’ve taught the elder 2 to drive and will start teaching the wee one after her highers are complete.

They’re happy, content, well balanced, standing on their own two feet.

Job done!

Cheesy link .. I’ve always loved this song.

Looking forward to seeing George when he plays Glasgow again soon.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Love Of All? #success

  1. Congratulations on a job well done! Now that is success! The fact that they want to be near you, says it all! I also love that song!
    I had to sing along!

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