Come Meet Me In The Next Life! #poetry #romance

She used to be good looking
I can see her in my mind
Now she’s looking old and wrinkled
But I’m still glad she’s mine

We met when we were forty
More than half a lifetime ago
Our first halves had been manic
Lived it fast, now we take it slow

I remember when our eyes met
That first time at Central Station
We kissed and danced and fell in love
More than lust, it was infatuation

The next 40 years together
We had our moments but life was kind
Real love the second time around
Is so very hard to find

I know that my times up soon
It’s so sad that we’ll be parted
But I’ll meet you in the next life
So don’t be broken hearted

Come and see me when it starts again
I’ll be waiting at the station
I’ll look for you in your green dress
I’ll be wearing my red carnation

Sitting on the train.

Central station, people coming and going, meeting for the first time, parting for the last.


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