Train Stories – Perception And Judgements

The old man in the opposite 4 seat booth is facing backwards as I face forwards.

Is there any hidden significance in that?

He’s looking back on his life as the majority of it is behind him?

And I’m looking forward on mine because ..

Naaah .. it’s purely coincidence! 🙂

We are heading west towards Glasgow from Edinburgh and the train is mainly empty, a combination of people having finished early on Friday and having just arrived at the journey midpoint of Shotts. The vast majority of commuters are already in their cars or walking home.

I see the twinkle in his eyes, sitting there quietly but the lights are on, no doubts that this man has all his faculties, observing his surroundings as I observe mine.

For a moment, our eyes meet and we smile, a knowing exchange of tired journeys and wishing we were home.

But I wonder if it’s more than that, if perhaps, he likes people watching as much as I.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see yourself the way that other people see you?

That could be for good or bad, but at least it would be honest.

Maybe if for a moment we could really see ourselves and our actions they way that other people see us, we would change our attitudes, accept our failings and be more forgiving to the failures in others.

Some people have a high opinion of themselves, but completely without reason.

They tend to be more style over substance, generally more attractive without ever having ever had to work for a living, or the simply deluded, like those XFactor candidates who believe they can sing, whose family support them instead df being honest with them.

Simon soon sorts that out.

Some people have a low opinion of themselves, they are far too self aware and critical of their own failings, even minor things that no one else notices and beat themselves up for what is really nothing at all.

They tend to be more rounded people, harder-working, they go the extra mile to make up for their own perceived inner failings. They are more appreciative of the people around them and more tolerant to the failings in others.

How can you tell which type of person someone is?

How can you tell how they judge themselves, can you tell merely by observing?

What kind of person are you?

Extrovert, shy, arrogant, humble, somewhere in the middle?

Do you put on a confident mask but are vulnerable underneath?

If you do then you’re not alone.

Do you look at people and judge them?

Do you put them in pigeon-holes because of the clothes they are wearing, their age, their hair style, their colour?

How can you know what a person is really like when all you see is the outer shell and the image or mask that they project?

The transvestite/transgender/transexual person that I see most evenings gets on the train at her usual stop heading towards Glasgow.

I follow my own advice and don’t judge them, who am I to pass comment on the path that someone else treads?

But she aways looks sad, troubled, or her face is blank and expressionless like she has no joy in her life and nothing to be happy about.

But that’s guess work, I don’t know tis person, she doesn’t know me, I’ve no idea whats going on in her life.

I don’t judge less I’ll be judged..

But tomorrow is Valentines day and I hope that someone loves her for who she is.

What else is there?


Woke up this morning at 6am with a song in my head ..

Totally random … How does that work?


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