You Can Bring Me Flowers! #ValentinesDay

Happy Valentine’s day to you when it comes.

Is Valentine’s Day important?

Is it commercial exploitation at a time of year when people really aren’t celebrating anything else?

Or do you think that every day should be Valentine’s Day?

Personally,  I believe in the latter, but my advice to you is .. if you’re in a relationship,  then you better go with the former and make a day of it!

I’ve written about the day a few times over the past few years .. where did that go?
This has been a hell of a week for me,  got a financial kicking from those lovely folks at HMRC,   partially ( read completely) brought on by myself it has to be said.

There’s been quite  a bit (  read that as a fucking lot) of anxiety,  sleepless nights,  stress.

I’ve actually had to ask for assistance .. which if you know me and how self-contained I am,  that takes a lot and is quite humbling if the truth be told.

There has been a few lessons learned

1 – Get my end of year accounts in on time and don’t give the feckers the excuse.

2 – The machine is big and slow,  but when it goes its teeth in,  you get your ass chewed.

3 – To get out of that mess,  even although you do your bit,  takes time to unwind the process.

4 – That if you’re single  then when the devil comes knocking,  there’s very little back-up

5 – Having really good friends that you can rely on in a crisis isn’t just important,  it’s a blessing.

But we’re over the hump,  accounts lodged,  fines paid …  a needless waste of two weeks earnings spent on fines and fees .. bastards!

Not only does that sting,  but the implications of possibly losing a whole load more,  that kind of wakes you up,  shakes you up and makes you put your house in order .. pronto!

Meantime,  trying to remain chilled on the outside,  professional at work,  keeping the brave face on at home then not sleeping at night .. drains you.

So this weekend,  it’s chill out time,  playing piano,  enjoying the silence and going to try a recipe out that if it goes well will share on Monday.

A couple of tunes for the day.

Have fun,  whatever you do.

Ray LaMontagne – You Can Bring ME Flowers

Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice – To Love Somebody

4 thoughts on “You Can Bring Me Flowers! #ValentinesDay

  1. Had a rough week ?

    Place your hand over your heart.
    Feel that ?
    That’s called purpose.
    Your alive for a reason .
    Now man up and enjoy your weekend, you survived the week. !!! Mondays miles away 😎…

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