Fifty Shades of Hype?

So it finally arrives in the UK amidst a double D cup of hype.

But is it worth it?

Not according to this scathing review in the metro.

Personally I found the books so badly written that I only managed the first two chapters.

I even fast forwarded to a few of the “good” bits and they were a bit of a yawn too.

Where she loses her virginity as an example, there’s no intimacy or romance and its all over without any real detail.

This morning I watched the two stars being interviewed on the BBC breakfast show. He seems like a decent, articulate guy but she seems as dippy and out of touch as I imagine her character to be.

Anyway, I had some time before I had to hit the road and did a quick search and found an extract of the steamy pars within a few clicks.

Nothing particularly outrageous or explicit there and that’s fine with me … And possibly a measure of what I consider normal.

What’s disappointing is that the scenes seem to be so short, a glimpse rather than enough to tantalise and give any excitement.

Now that is disappointing after all the hype.

But I’ll probably go see the full movie anyway.

So in that case, whether the film is a dud or not the hype works.

Probably because we all like a bit of soft, a look at how the other half live and an opportunity to compare our own sexual antics

When the books became popular, a friend of mines wife had a new lease of life, it’s put the spark back in their relationship.

I didn’t ask but I wondered was their relationship that lame before?

If this helps put a little excitement in someone’s life, possibly save a few relationships then that can only be a good thing.

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