Good Accounts, Bad Accounts!

A few stressed out days since last Friday.

The joys of being self employed, running a small business and having to produce end of year accounts.

I hate it .. I really fucking hate it!

It’s like this … Do admin, produce receipts, bank records, VAT records, invoices, validate them against payments.

Then make up my travel and subsidence payments as it’s the only expenses I genuinely have but what sad type keeps a record of every train receipt?

Bugger that.

A life of admin, receipts etc ..

Or a life of concerts, music, fun?

There was only ever going to be one winner!

Anyway, got my arse chewed by HMRC – Her Majesty Rat-bags and Cu ..

Not out the woods yet but getting there, my bloody accountant is a wee pain in the ass, insistent, doesn’t let shit slide, gets too hung up on the detail.

And that nasally Hugh Keevins voice .. according to regulation 12 paragraph 15 of the Companies Act 2002 modified 2010 then you are liable to …

Aw shut up and tell me where to sign!

But don’t let that fool you .. Don’t think I’m slagging the wee man off .. Cos I’m not.

Sure he’s a wee cantankerous naggy bulldog, but he’s my cantankerous naggy bulldog!

Still I’ve had my ass kicked, it’s a wake up call, hard lessons learned …

Can’t have fun all the time!

On the plus side, as part of that reconciliation of outgoing invoices against incoming payments I found that I hadn’t been paid for a few weeks in my last contact.



On the train .. 50 shades of Grey review looks like shit as bad as the books probably!

I’ll probably go see it anyway out of .. errrr … curiosity!

The 50 year old blonde … you know the type, all blonde, black and bling ..

Blonde to make her younger
Black to make her slimmer
Bling cos she’s a princess.

I’m sure she’s somebody’s princess.

… sitting across from me in the 4 seat booth was reading the review too and suddenly exclaimed …

“Oh Shit”

Here we go! πŸ™‚


Woke up this morning with my music on random, this old gem always makes me smile.

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