The Deliberate Tourist! #Edinburgh

The bosses had a meeting today, laying the law down to all staff, telling us that we had to be there for stipulated core hours and 7.5 hours per day.

Yeah yeah … Boring!

They then went in to state that the lunch break is one hour mandatory. Therefore if you take a 30 minute break for a soup and sandwich then you can’t leave 30 minutes early.

Hhhmmmmm … Is that so? Thinks I.

Normally, I only take a 30 minute break but don’t leave early. So their effectively winning in my case I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Besides, I’m a freelance contractor and only here for the money so although I’ll play along and fit in, this means that I can’t leave a tad earlier on a Friday and won’t be home to my usual 715 on a Friday night

That’s just pants.

So I took an hours lunch today and wandered round Edinburgh Castle, Princes Gardens and even stopped in at the pretty little Saint Cuthbert’s Church.

Tourist? You Betcha.

A few pics below. Isn’t Edinburgh a gorgeous city. I love being here, but really getting pissed off with this particular contract.

But isn’t it amazing how you find things out about history with just a little investigation.

St Cuthbert’s was a Celtic missionary and founded his church in the spot in the 7th century .. over 1300 years ago.

At that time Edinburgh was a fraction of the size it is now and the church still in its current location was separated from the castle by the Nor’Loch.

As Edinburgh expanded and the new town of Princes Street, George street etc were created, the Nor’Loch was drained and is now the site of Princes Street Gardens.

There are a few other lochs now missing in Edinburgh, the South Loch over at The Meadows and the Gogarloch out beside Gogarburn.

St Cuthbert’s is a beautiful church with an open door policy, I was only in for 10 minutes but the staff were very helpful in providing information.

Interestingly the church still stays true to its Celtic theology. I read a little of this on their website today.

As a Celtic fan, I kinda like that!


St Cuthbert





5 thoughts on “The Deliberate Tourist! #Edinburgh

    1. Thanks Kate .. A wee stroll riund the fair city of Edinburgh is hard to beat.

      I even stopped in at a piano shop and had a go on a gorgeous black grand piano.

      Beats the hell outta working!

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