Just Put Your Lips Together And Blow

430am and browsing. …

Came across the following video on Cymatic Sounds by Nigel Stanford.


These are sounds at certain frequencies which cause various wave types to occur in nature.

You’ve possibly down some of these experiments at school, they were big in the 70s with the hippy and new wave movements looking for alternative healing therapies.


I don’t dismiss or buy into that, I just like the visualisation of the sound.

A good example of using sound waves for useful but unexpected purposes is the ultrasound used within hospitals to investigate medical issues mainly pregnant woman and generating graphics from sound.

The technology used with ultrasound has become much more sophisticated over the years producing more detailed 2D images and more recently couples can request 3D videos of their unborn children within the mothers womb.

Isn’t that fantastic.

As a professionally qualified engineer I’m well aware of the destructive impact of resonant frequencies.

Where subjecting an object to a frequency specific to its own circumstances will not only cause the object to vibrate but if can cause the vibrations to increase that the object becomes unstable.

Ever wonder when you’re driving your car and the steering wheel shakes at certain speeds then clears as you speed up or slow down?

That’s a fault in the tracking being exacerbated by driving at a speed where the resonant frequency causes the vibrations to become noticeable.

The classic example of this behaviour is the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse and is usually taught in universities demonstrating how Mother Nature doesn’t need to try too hard to put mankind in its place.

All she had to do was put her lips together and blow.

Reminds me of that scene from To Have And To Have Not with Humphrey Bogart and the gorgeous Lauren Bacall.

Real beauty like hers is timeless, effortless and refreshing compared to today’s fake tackiness.

Now how did I get from Cymatics to Bacall?


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