Train Stories – Bottled It!

It was just after 8am and I’m on the train from Bellshill to Edinburgh,  this is the slower route but suits my purposes coming from the south east side of Glasgow.

The train is usually quite empty until it passes Shotts and picks up more commuters as it heads east through West Calder and Livingstone South.

I grabbed my 4 seat booth as usual,  spread out like a vomit .. sorry spread out as much as possible therefore discouraging anyone else from taking the other seats.

Not something I normally do,   but today was a bit different as you’ll soon find out.

Let’s say that the bottle of pink stuff that I pulled form my bag and that giveaway smell raised a few looks and smiles from the girls sitting in the opposite booth.

I wanted to get this sorted while the train was quiet and before I got to the office.

I’d had a pretty good weekend,  out on Friday with my old workmates,  home earlyish as Saturday was the 50th party that I had been looking forward to.

Saturday night,  was magic,  dinner and a few drinks.   Met some people I used to go to school with,  good chat,  lots of laughs and spent most of the night up dancing with  lots of lovely ladies.

What more can  a DancingBhoy ask for?

It was a good fun night and sitting in the hotel bar afterwards. One of the kids was painting nails,  red ones for the ladies .. and when she was finished she asked .. who else wants their nails done …

Well .. I’m up for a laugh.

The wee one asked .. would I like red or green?

At this point I thought,  I’ve got a gorgeous bright green Marino sweater with me for Sunday.

Just a wee nod to my allegiance with my team Celtic playing The Huns yesterday.

So that was it,  turquoise green nails done,  then double-coated by this lovely 10 year old princess.

I’ve no idea when I went to sleep on Saturday night,  but must’ve been heading towards 4am,  woke up at 8am,  then was up at 9am for breakfast.

Got to say I thought the varnish with my wee jumper went pretty well .. you can have a look at the pic yourself below.

Anyways,  I wore the nail varnish and green jumper to breakfast,  ingratiating myself with some fellow customers decked out in blue for the big game .. Anyone wearing green .. particularly on days like yesterday is like a red card to a bull with this lot ..

Home, watched the game,  then had a lovely home cooked family dinner .. at some point early doors I was out of it.

Woke up this morning,  late for work and rushing for the train.

I had a bet with some friends that I wouldn’t wear the varnish to work and yesterday I was determined that I would .. just to prove a point.

But I must’ve been fuzzy headed at the time .. because when it came right down to it .. I wasn’t really prepared to wear the varnish to work and take a roasting off the closed-minded IT geeks here.

And I ask myself .. Should that matter?

Not really!

But it kinda does!

So that’s why I found myself borrowing my daughters nail varnish remover and cleaning my nails on the train.


Did I bottle it? .. maybe .. but more that I didn’t want the fuss .. cos I couldn’t really give a fuck.

Going to be absolutely honest here .. I actually quite like wearing nail varnish.

Deal with it!   🙂


Ps – 2-0 to The Hoops .. was there ever any doubt?

My only disappointment is that it wasn’t more!


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