The Harlequin And The Clown? #poetry #waterboys

In the great November tale she was older yet still alluring
Her hair grey and longer than it ever had been during
The days that we loved and slept
In her bed of faded wood
In that little place she kept
In a crumbling neighbourhood

We walked along a while
Like we were old companions
But I could feel the gap between us
Yawning like a canyon
She with her church and code
Her extravagant believes
Me a creature of the road
A child of dust and grief

Meet me on the mad parade
When the midnight bells are chiming
We’ll dress up as the harlequin and the clown
Pile up all the blunders that we’ve made
In a tower too tall for climbing
And we’ll burn the damn thing down
Yes we’ll burn the damn thing down

The Harlequin And The Clown?

Love that new song November Tale by The Waterboys.   it’s poetry set to music.

I’m looking forward to seeing them again when they play Glasgow later in the year.

Friday comes round again and looking forward to the weekend.

It’s the first pay weekend for most people on a salary so Glasgow will be busy.

Being self-employed that doesn’t really impact me.

I only work to keep my girls in the style to which they’ve become accustomed!

Big weekend .. weekend starts when I leave here at 5 .. a couple of drinks with my mate Liam on the train,  heading to my old works night out with Barclays in Glasgow and a curry.

I’m actually planning to be relatively sensible as I’m saving myself for Saturday .. hhhmmm does that ever work?

Tomorrow .. going dancing at a 50th party .. bound to be fun.   Hoping to dance the night away.

Sunday up early .. or as early as Saturday night allows .. I’ll be cheering Andy Murray in the Australian Open Final and then watching the Hoops vs The Huns in the Scottish League Cup Semi-Final.

C’mon The Hoops!

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