Sleeping On The Wet Spot? … #poetry #romance #humour

Sleeping on the wet spot with a smile on my face
I hope its dry by morning and doesn’t leave a trace
I’m sure that sounds disgusting but if you only knew
My cleaner comes tomorrow and she’s nosier than you

Sleeping on the wet spot,  I’m sure that it’s a disgrace
I’ll change the sheets in the morning to save a little face
My cleaner gets so jealous,  but if she only knew
That since we met last Friday,  I’ve only eyes for you

At work my day’s spent dreaming of the steamy night before
That long lingering kiss as you were stepping through my door
Your lips, your tits,  your ass, your hips
You sitting on my face and screaming out for more

Sleeping on the wet spot,  I’m sure that it sounds filthy
But you can’t beat the passion with a lady who is MILFy
So hurry back my angel,  but if not don’t you worry
Cos if you can’t make it,  there’s a cleaner that is horny!

WTF goes no in my head sometimes!

The opening line came into my head last night and made the rest up this morning .. dubious as it is .. it made me smile.

I do have a cleaner that comes in on a Friday, who is a really lovely girl, but this isn’t about her at all.

I like the house spotless for the weekend  … Not that I’m a manky person .. but working full time I just don’t have the time to do all the stuff that she does,  floors,  showers,  loos etc.

Love this tune by Gavin DeGraw,   it’s getting a lot of play on Radio 2.

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