Rangers Men Of A Bygone Era? #CelticFc

Loathe as I am to mention anything to do with the ongoing predicament at The Rangers Football Club.

I’ve just read the following fluff article massaging the ego of wannabe director Dave King.

Dodgy Dave is laying out his case, attempting to get any fans inside before the upcoming EGM where he wants the current Mike Ashley directors removed and himself and his cohorts installed.

I do wonder why it’s taken him to buy shares in this flawed business, probably because he’s the kind of guy who likes spending other people’s money and hesitant to use his own.

Now he’s gibbering on about getting “Real Rangers Men” back in the heart of the club .. on the face it, it makes sense to have people who care about the club in place.

But then he states that these new guys are like “The Rangers Directors of old” .. “Of a bygone era”

Really, .. why doesn’t that surprise me?

Is that when they had the Anti-Catholic signing policy for over 100 years?

Or does he mean when he was a director before Old Rangers went into liquidation because they didn’t pay their taxes?

I really hope that King and his ilk don’t succeed in their bid to take over The Rangers boardroom as it would be a backward step for the new club and there would be a reliance on and pandering to the bigot pound.

What next the open signing of their sectarian and racist bile?

Oh you mean like last Fridays and-board protest outside Ibrox, where the mob even attacked the clubs own employees and the away team fans?

Sundays game between Celtic and the new club will be a clear demonstration of the hatred that the supporters of the new club carry in their hearts.

This hatred will be compounded by their false victim mentality that they were hard done by and relegated rather accepting that the old club went out of business and the new club was fortunate to be given a start in the fourth tier of Scottish Football.

This game at Hampden on Sunday has been simmering for almost 3 years since Old Rangers went into administration and is set to be a hate-fest.

Sunday will see increased levels of violence, police incidents, domestic abuse and attendances in the Accident and Emergency wards.

Glasgow doesn’t need this.

If it was up to me, I’d ban it.


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