My Lucky Pants! ….. #poetry #romance #humour

Let me tell you about my lucky pants
I wear them when I’m dancin’
When I’m on the pull
I’m full of bull
But I’m no bad at romancin’

The ladies seem to like my moves
Well so they often tell me
They bite their lips
When I shake my hips
And then they come and smell me

You see .. It’s the pheromones
That makes her moan
When we bump and grind or Mamba
And I make her grin
When we take a spin
In a sexy slow Lambada

Those lucky pants they make me dance
My sassy strut of passion
And I love to sweat
When I’m shaking it
So they should go straight in the washin’

But on my pants I won’t take a chance
Cos i feel like John Travolta
if the lady knew
What I’m telling you
Then I’m sure it would revolt her!

Aah my old lucky pants ..

Spoken in a Scottish fashion for the washin” to go with passion!

Loosely inspired by this clip of John Travolta dancing in the film Michael

He must be wearing my pants!! 🙂

Right I’m losing it now sitting grinning like a Cheshire Cat on the train home, people will be thinking I’m mental or sumfin!

So I’m offski.

My lucky pants are just a jest
Cos you know that I’m a trier
I do my best
But if I claimed success
You know they’d be on fire.

Liar liar pants on fire!!

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