I’ve Loved Her All The Time ….. #poetry #romance #love

She told me that she loved me
Dancing barefoot by the river
It was 2am and our feet were wet
It was cold but we did not shiver

I told her that I loved her too
But I wondered if she meant it
At 7am wrapped in her arms
I didn’t … but I was tempted

I watched her sleep until she awoke
Her smile brightening the room
We laughed about the comments made
And agreed it was too soon

Making love so tenderly
Her dark eyes holding mine
I wondered if I should tell her that
I’ve loved her all the time

True story.

I’ve always loved The River by Bruce Soringsteen although I was never a huge fan. But what I like about him most is his humanity.

Great lyrics in that song and love this version of Dancing In The Dark. Usually like the video Bruce picks a girl from the audience to come up on stage and dance with him. But in this he picks out his mum and sister.

What a guy!

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