Why Can’t We Dance On Monday? ……. #poetry #humour

Why can’t we dance on Monday
The weekends seem so short
I’d love to wear my new shirt
And the slidey shoes i bought

Why can’t we dance on Monday
Does it matter that we’re busy
I love it when we tango
And it makes your head feel dizzy

Why can’t we dance on Monday
The weekend’s so far away
I can’t wait to see you moving
The way you salsa, groove and sway

Can we go dancing on Tuesday
While the children are away?
We can have a private party
And let the adults out to play

There’s this little place I know
We can turn the lights down low
We’ll be dancing all alone
Make it fast then take it slow

I’m sure that you know the place
You’ve been here some times before
So say you’ll come tomorrow night
I’ll be waiting at the door

Sitting on the train,  looking out the window but my head somewhere else

Walking up to work,  my head still elsewhere.

I look around me and all the dead beat zombie people are heading in the same direction

Is that me too?

Feel this …

Put you hand on my chest and feel this ..

It’s the beat pulsing through me,  strong,  grooving,  moving me

Life’s too short to live for  the weekends.


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