My Wise Reflection – #poetry #humour

You’re taking this too seriously
Said the man there in the mirror
An irate look upon his face
As he wagged his pointy finger

A wise man said “life’s just a ride”
So enjoy it while you’re here
Give yourself a kick right up the erse
And have another beer

I looked him hard right in the eye
And told him he’s a wanker
He said So what, you just got dumped
In the long run you will thank her

That’s when this young thing sidled up
And complained the place is sleazy
So I kissed her hard upon the lips
And asked if she was easy

She said that she’s not like that
I’m old enough to be her father
I asked her if she’d like a drink
Or a taxi if she’d rather?

Heading back to her place at speed
All lust but no affection
See I told you that you’d be okay
Said the man in my reflection!

For anyone not understanding a few of the Scottish or Irish words above

Erse – is an Irish word for ass, often used by my old Irish granny. The Scottish or sometimes posh English version of arse.

Wanker – A person who masturbates. However why this is deemed an insult I will never comprehend as I frequently do.

The wise man mentioned above is the comedian Bill Hicks, I don’t agree with his thoughts on drugs but do agree that life is a ride. The destination is always the same so enjoy the journey while you can.


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