Young Thing! ….. #poetry #humour

I met this young thing Friday night
At a club down Glasgow Central
The DJ had us all pumped up
And the crowd were going mental

She was dancing with her arms up high
Caught my eye and waved me over
I blushed and tried to make some moves
It’s not easy when you’re sober

I told her she was looking hot
And I swear I wasn’t lying
She kissed me hard and pushed her tongue
And I wasn’t even trying

I took her back to my place quick
I didn’t want to linger
And then I saw the shiny ring
Of metal on her finger

I asked her what the story was
If she still had her man
Yes but he can’t keep it up
So she gets it when she can

She says I want your baby
Her words I swear I quote
So I put her in a taxi home
And that was all he wrote!


Heard the following song on my Spotify this morning .. Always loved it .. Kinda fits.


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