Can I Come Back To You? … #Poetry #Romance #Humour

Please hear me out my darling
While I offer my confession
But I met this woman Friday
Who’s become my new obsession

She makes me feel like you did
A long long time ago
The lust and passion flowing
But we’re trying to take it slow

She says I make her flutter
And in her seat she wriggles
I love to watch her walking
And the way her body wiggles

We first made love on Monday
At a chic hotel in town
She said to do what I wanted
And pushed my head way down

On Tuesday she said she loved me
With my faults and failings too
But she wants me to be honest
So I have to finish with you

She wants to meet on Friday
And do it all again
How can I refuse her
When I’m feeling just the same?

Now she’s texting me a message
I can see it come through
Oh wait .. she says It’s over

Can I come back to you?

DancingBhoy Jan 19th 2015

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