This Girl Can – Love It! #ThisGirlCan

Have you saw the new ad by Sport England to get more women exercising?

It’s not your typical fitness ad with lots of slim girls who don’t really need the exercise,  that hardly encourages your average woman to get up and out there.

In my opinion,  it probably has the opposite effect,  discouraging rather than encouraging.  People need to see a achievable goal,  not a perfect body that in their heart they know that they will never achieve and become disheartened because that day has passed.

This ad is full of ordinary woman of different sizes,  older,  younger, bigger,  slimmer,  curves, sweaty .. all doing different exercise and most importantly enjoying themselves.

Love the embedded phrases too .. I jiggle therefore I am.

You go girl!!

I’m currently listening to BBC Radio 2 discussing the ad and some feminist is calling it sexist … whit?

How the fuck can it be sexist?

The protagonist of this arguing that because t shows some women in sexy shots in then it’s sexist.

You can’t win .. can you?

An ad for real woman to go out there,  showing real woman,  hopefully encouraging them to make the most of themselves rather than your average gorgeous gym-bunny and some groups trying and trash it.

Personally I love it.

Maybe they should do a similar ad for men?

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