Growing Old Disgracefully!

Growing old disgracefully
That’s how I want to go
Not passing while I’m sleeping
With my dentures out on show

Growing old disgracefully
And I’m still working on my tan
They say it causes cancer
But I’ll look good while I can

Growing old disgracefully
Standing staring in the cupboard
I’ve forgotten what I wanted
But the milk’s there I’ve discovered

Growing old disgracefully
They say I’m going senile
But at least my body’s working
No dysfunctions that are penile

Growing old disgracefully
My love life is fantastic
So don’t you worry baby
Being 50 isn’t drastic

Just made that up .. could you tell?   

Friday and out in Edinburgh at my office’s belated Christmas night out.

I wasn’t looking forward to it, not with this geeky socially inept IT lot here!!

But a night in Edinburgh will be fun,  a hotel with a pool and piano .. perfecto!

Have a great weekend!



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