The Platform Lovers – A School-Girl Mistake!

Although he enjoyed being sucked, he never felt fully comfortable accepting pleasure without giving it in return.

Sure, he liked to be the more dominant partner in the bedroom. But although he liked to be in control and please his partner blowjobs were not really his thing unless there were other circumstances that forbade penetration, but there were always alternatives.

Geraldine, loved to suck him, it was as if she saw giving him pleasure as an exchange, but he loved to give pleasure anyway, whether that was going down on her, licking her til she she came before he put his cock anywhere near her, or just fucking her brains out anyway she liked. He liked to please.

He puts his hand on her chin, lifting her face towards him and pulls his hips away, pulling his cock from her mouth.

She looks at him wondering why he has stopped, but she’s been here often enough to know, a blowjob is never enough for him.

Even on the few occasions that he ha allowed her to finish him off, his cock is usually hard again before the cum has dried on her lips.

He lifts her to her feet, kissing her on the mouth and leads her to the dressing table.

She can see his face behind her in the mirror, standing slightly to her left, smiling, but horny, his eyes have a wolf-like appearance and she knows he’s in the zone, his cock hard against the cheeks of her bottom.

He carefully brushes her hair aside, with his right hand, kissing her neck, his eft hand cupping her breast and squeeing her erect nipple.

His right hand moves from her neck to between her shoulder blades, his left hand takes hers in hand and he places it on the dressing table, gently pushing her back, letting her know where he wants her.

She puts both hands on the table, leaning forward, watching him in the mirror, their eyes not losing contact for even a moment.

He holds her gaze, his left hand now on her shoulder, his right sliding down her back, feeling her waist, that little bit of womanly curve that she would love to lose that he loves so much .. love handles .. you betcha!

Why would you want to lose that little bit of feminine softness?

Okay, theres a limit, but what real man really wants a skinny or scrawny woman?

So look after yourself, eat will, but don’t obsessive. see that extra little bit of weight, it enhances your shape rather than take away from it.

His hand slides down to her bottom, enjoying the smooth curves of her body held taut beneath the material of the basque.

He squeezes her right cheek, then looking at her face in the mirror, he smacks her sharply, but playfully, then rubs it gently.

At the moment of impact she winces, but her eyes never leave his and her hands remain on the dresser. She’s pouting slightly, breathing shallow, the beginnings of that far away look starting to fire in her dark eyes.

He moves his hand between her legs, from the top of her thong to her pussy, realising that they are too close together.

“Open your legs” he commands, holding his hand on the outside of the material, pressing the flat of his palm against the her pussy lips, his fingers stretching under her, searching for her clit but not quite reaching.

She opens her legs as instructed, shuffling each foot a little to the side in turn

He waits until she’s settled, watching her biting her lip as he presses against her just a little bit harder.

He leans forward and kisses her, pulling her hair to the right so she turns towards him, she lifts her hands off the dresser for a moment to retain balance.

“Did I tell you that you could move”?” He chastises, spanking her gently on the bottom.

She turns back to the mirror, her hands back in position but doesn’t say a word.

He loves looking at her, loves knowing that he can play with her, tease her, she knows that he will please, tease her, pleasure her,. She knows that this is just a game, that it can be stopped at anytime.

He keeps his left hand pressing against her shoulder, holding her in position and moves his right to the right hand side of her thong, pulling it down over her bottom, then using his left on the other side pulls it down fully.

But it’s stuck.

The silly cow has only gone and put her thong on before her stockings.

Jeez .. amateurs!

I mean, right i the middle of the game, who really wants to stop and start fucking about with suspender clips and all that nonsense?

She catches his predicament in the mirror and clicks right away, they smile each other .. “sorry, I never thought”

“Don’t worry, I’m still going to fuck your brains out.”

He pulls it down as far as i can go, leaving it stretched between her legs, taught across her thighs at the top of her stockings.

He had intended to get down on his knees and lick her from behind at this point, but, she’s need to settle for his touch and cock instead!

A school-girl mistake!

But a little part of him is pleased that she isn’t too used to playing these games, that would spoil his fun.

Continued from yesterday and to be continued tomorrow.

For more on Charles the bad boy or story in general use the tabs or the search bar.


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