Welcome The Change – #FantasticDay

Here we go again …

The first Monday of 2015 and the commute begins.

Glasgow to Edinburgh 5 days per week .. 3 hours a day travelling.

Am I complaining?

Nope I’m just aware that it’s unacceptable and making plans to change it.

If I was you and felt the same about any work or personal aspect of life that you weren’t happy about then I’d start to plan ahead, make alternative arrangements, drop the old and welcome the new.

Just paid my weekly ticket, rail fares bumped up 3% across the board. .

Being self employed it doesn’t really affect me as its deductible. Although I do think its very one sided when most people’s wages aren’t going up to match.

But again .. Not happy? Change it.

Song for today, heard it on random in my Spotify, going to sing it at work and annoy the crap out of folk with my cheery smile

Sing with me … 🙂


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