Lazy Days And Monday’s …

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old
Sometimes I’d like to quit
Nothing ever seems to fit
Hangin’ around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

5am and been awake since 4, messing around on Spotify and Vevo.

Came across this oldie but goodie by the beautifully tragic Karen Carpenter.

It kind of fits, kind of doesn’t.

I’m sure many single people feel that way .. Being angst ridden like some lovelorn teenager at our stage in life isn’t how we planned it .. Is it?

Fortunately .. Although I’ve had those feelings and certainly can relate to them it’s not how I feel.

It’s not raining but it is freezing out there, the temperature has dropped overnight.

Normally I’d be getting up at 7ish and heading through to Edinburgh.

But not today.

Today I’m having a lazy day.

Not like me being self employed to be skipping days off work, especially after spending so much over Christmas.

But what the hell!!

You pass this way but once.

My choice .. Going to turn the heating up and sit in my pants and play piano ..

Tonight is the big family party 200 or so of us in my dads club. It gets bigger every year with new additions in the family. Then the kids growing up bringing their BFs/GFs/pals along to enjoy the fun.

This year it’s my cousins Christine’s and her sides turn to arrange the food and entertainment. My dad putting on the free bar as usual. Gets more expensive every year and needs a wee top up nowadays.

This is the 25th anniversary of the party, started by my grandfather to make sure that ties in the family remain strong.

Its one of the best nights of the year catching up with everyone, reminiscing and renewing old bonds.

Santa comes for the kids and we cross pollinate the presents, I give to my cousins kids and vice versa. It makes sure the younger generation know who the fogeys are and we see the kids grow into fine young people.

Then there’s my own favourite part of the evening .. Adult musical chairs .. Usually about 30 of us getting stupid, cheating and pulling away chairs .. Just like we did as kids at my Granda’s.

Hanging around…
Some kind of lonely clown?

Fuck off!! 🙂


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