Merry #Christmas One And All.

Good morning and Merry Christmas to you, whoever and wherever you are.

I hope you’re day goes well and you’re surrounded by the people you love who love you back.

At some point today, take a moment to appreciate what you have and count your blessings.

Me? It’s 7am here, I have 2 of my 3 kids in the house and I’m the only one up. Changed days from when they used to wake me at 4am to ask if Santa had been.

There will be no present opening until laura arrives from her boyfriends.

Speaking of which, I have a gift under the tree for Laura’s boyfriend. That’s a first!! I’ve met the lad a few times and he seems like a decent guy and they love and care about each other.

This time next year, I think they’ll be living together. That’s fine by me.


4 thoughts on “Merry #Christmas One And All.

    1. Thanks Kat, i had a lovely christmas and a faiirly quiet new year. I hope yours went well and all my best for 2015. X. Ps – 530am and awake befire the alarm. Do i really have to go to work? 🙂

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