God Bless #Glasgow

Words are not enough to express my feelings on yesterday’s tragic accident in Glasgow.

My heart goes out to all those families who have lost a loved one.

People going about their business, last minute shopping or enjoying the funfair at George Square then taken without warning.

It’s so sad.

So tragic at anytime but more so at this time of year. Christmas will never be the same.

George Square is the heart of the city,, facing the City Chambers. It’s where people have gathered over the years to celebrate or protest.

On Saturday my daughter was at that funfair and I took a few pics standing right there on Saturday night and posted them in a previous blog.

You can see how busy the square is. It would have been just as busy yesterday. It’s hard to imagine a lorry going off road and ploughing through all those people. The only blessing is that there aren’t more casualties.

Yesterday when news of the incident started appearing in Twitter. The first thing I did was check my 3 kids weren’t involved. Thankfully they were elsewhere.

I personally don’t know anyone involved but Glasgow is a big connected village. Everyone knows someone involved either directly or indirectly and the ripples came through last night making the tragedy all the more real.

My heart goes out to them, feel for their loss, can’t imagine the pain they are going through and I thank the heavens that it wasn’t any of mine.

God bless.


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